Flag of the Kingdom of Soumark which was used from 1212 to Today

Kingdom of Soumark is a Independent nation in Central Europa. Soumark has recently left a war against Transmoundia and is holder of the title highest toy producation. Soumark also recently annexed the city of Hazelwood in former Der Reikh.


Soumarkian history would first be recorded in 500 AD form writings by Imperial historians. But back then not much was known. In the 9th century Soumarkian vikings would being raiding the coast of the Northwest Isle nations, Klybaurdic Region, Spongeladesh and Kebab with notable Soumarkian vikings would be Henrik the Great which held Soumark, Parts of Winland, Kalaska and parts of Reikhland but would collaspe after the death of Henrik the Great due to not having a Legitimate heir. Sigfreðr Knifebeard would also be another famous viking with holding parts of Transmoundia and invading what is today Baconvite to avenge a masscare of Norse settlers. After the end of the viking age Soumark would set up colonies around Reikhland and would have a few wars with Winland but after that Winland would then have full control till 1804 to 1900s which Soumark, Transmoundia, Solstheim and Greennords would rally to fight Winland and would later become independent.

During the 1st World War, Soumark would join on the Entente in 1915 with a submarine attack from the Kasierreich with Soumarkian troops taking part on the Cyprussia Front/Western Front. During the 2nd World War Soumark would be invaded by The 3rd Reikh and would be Protectorate from 1940 to the end of the war with the Soumarkian Resistance being supported by The West. During the Cold War Soumark would be Pro-West and would part take missions in Eastern Europa, Middle South and Africana.


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